Open call for artists Zkunftsvisionen – Festival of Contemporary Arts, Görlitz (D)

Since its outset in 2007, the annual festival „Zukunftsvisionen“ revives with a comprehensive exhibition vacant places in the town of Görlitz, located in the border triangle of Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. 

This year, the festival is looking for artistic positions from the regional and international scene that are dealing with what-if scenarios and thus, challenging the tensions between deliberate decision-making and actual chances, utopias and dysutopias. 

All participating artists of the festival will be featured in an exhibition catalogue. The festival team would be very much happy, if you can share the Open Call within our networks and crowds. More info you find attached, but also online over here:

For questions, feel free to get in touch with the festival team:, (Pauline Voigt) (Erik Heinrich).

Detailed info

Search for German partners in 2019

Galerie On The Road search for German partners in 2019.

This new gallery, run by Tereza Dvořáková from Ženský Spolek, just started its activities with a first exhibition last weekend.

The gallery is located in the train station of Chomutov and uses 5 old rotating cylinders, which were once used by the railway to announce travel times, for exhibiting site-specific positions of contemporary art. The shape of this very unique venue determines the type of artwork that can be exhibited. These are mainly printed materials, illustrations, installations, photographs. Space can also be grasped by artists by other means of art (glass, etc.), although there are some limits due to the operation of the railway station.

The size of each cylinder is 110 cm wide and 87 cm high. The size of the timetable window is 185 cm wide and 148 cm high.

For its upcoming programming, the gallery would like to exhibit both Czech and German artists and is currently looking for cooperation partners such as initiatives, galleries, universities etc. on the German side for about one exhibition per year.